Coppages in Hungary: Give

Coppages in Hungary: Give

When religious people talk about giving or support or stewardship, they usually mean money. In our case, money isn't that important, it's just necessary. We can't earn enough and then have enough time to volunteer our efforts as necessary outsiders. So we depend on the generosity of other people; they give us money. The foundation of our support is your prayers. Our stewardship means that we spend the money wisely. But we can all give more than money. The most important commodity we can give is our time. We can also give energy and effort. Money is, for us, a means of exchange for your time and efforts on our behalf. We are suitably grateful.

Donating through our missions partners

If you would like to donate toward our life and ministry in Hungary, send a check to Christian Educators Outreach, our missions partners:

Christian Educators Outreach
P.O. Box 6578
Charlottesville, VA 22906

If this is your first donation to us through CEO, you can write "Preference for Coppages" on the memo line.

Other methods of giving can be found at

CEO allocates 10% of your designated contribution to the general operating budget. We joyfully comply, asking you to remember that they do a lot for us on a shoestring. Consider the money well spent! All donations through CEO are tax-deductible.

Giving where God leads

We are not the only cause! Give to worthy organizations that are at work on matters that are important to you.

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