Coppages in Hungary: Interesting Links

The Hungarian flag: red-white-green, in a public park
A monument in Vác

Let's face it: We don't have time to construct a comprehensive web site that encompasses all of Hungarian history, culture, language, religion, geopolitics, ethnography, folklore, art, etc. Other people, however, have done admirable jobs! And so we refer you to them....


Our Missions Partners

Tabernacle Baptist Church, our home congregation in Richmond, Virginia
Christian Educators Outreach, our coordinators
Blog of Tom Foley, Director of CEO

In Hungary

A Heart for Hungary, a one-month prayer guide written by a missionary team

Useful Resources

Bible Gateway, an on-line Bible
Six Questions, a fool-proof format for Bible Studies (in both English and Hungarian)
Deep Questions for Conversations

Our town: Vác

Cházár András School for the Deaf
Boronkay High School, where Lea teaches and where Karen went.
Vác Home Page: in
Hungarian, in English
Our church in Vác: Calvary Chapel
Hungary radar
Our local weather forecast from



Sztaki's excellent English-Hungarian/Hungarian-English Dictionary includes audio and sometimes Hungarian Sign Language!
Magyar Óra, an excellent on-line resource of practical Hungarian

General Information

Encyclopedia Britannica, CIA World Factbook, NationMaster, Wikipedia,
Yahoo! Hungary, Tourism Gateway

History and Culture

Our collection of cultural differences between the USA and Hungary.

CAUTION: Some of the following pages can be rather partisan!

Corvinus Library, The complete text of the Treaty of Trianon (1920) and related articles from Wikipedia and Hipcat


The English pages vary in their quality of translation! :-)

Roman Catholic Church: in Hungarian, in English
Reformed Church: in Hungarian (slow loading), in English
Lutheran Church: in Hungarian, in English
Hungarian Baptist Union: in Hungarian; click on its English button.
Faith Church: in Hungarian, in English: American-style, televangelistic, focused on the pastor's personality, and definitely on the fringe

Current Events and Everyday Life

Magyar Távirati Iroda (Hungarian Wire Service): in Hungarian, in English
Magyar Rádió (Radio Hungary): in Hungarian, in English
Train schedules from MÁV (Hungarian State Railway)


MultiMap interactive system showing our location
European Time Zones and Daylight Savings Time explained. (EST is UTC-5; EDT is UTC-4. Do the math!)
Historical Maps showing the changes in borders from 900 to 1881
Ethnographic maps of the Hungarian Kingdom in 1900