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Three grandparents calling us from the Hopkins' study
Doug's father (left) and Lea's parents called us from Virginia via Skype, Easter 2006



Home phone/fax .... +36.27.304.788

Doug - mobile .... +36.70.419.4327

Lea - mobile .... +36.70.423.9128

Old Dominion mobile....+36.20.472.3004

Skype ID [see below] ....coppages

Hungary is six (6) hours ahead of Virginia time.

12:00 noon in Virginia is 6:00 PM in Hungary.

Hungary is eight (8) hours behind Sydney time from April until October.

12:00 noon in Sydney is 4:00 AM in Hungary.

Hungary is ten (10) hours behind Sydney time from November until March.

12:00 noon in Sydney is 2:00 AM in Hungary.



Skype is a computer program that lets you talk with others over the internet. It's essentially a free international phone service. Your computer must be able to accommodate a microphone and speakers. See the Skype web site to sign up!

Hearing from Us

To receive our monthly-ish e-mail newsletter or weekly prayer requests, send us your e-mail address at

(Unfortunately, for security reasons we do not display our street address on this web site.)

Missions Partners

To contact our missions partners, see their website: Christian Educators Outreach.